My Book Has Been Released!

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Hey guys,
By now you know that I’ve written a book and most of you are wondering where the links are! Well, they’re at the end of this post – thank you very much for your support – and they’ll take you to the platforms where you can purchase a digital copy of the book. But before that, I’d like to share a little background information.  
For a large part of my life I’ve possessed a very great interest in the Vedic culture that has prevailed in our country since the birthing of this world, and in the figures that have tread its fabric across the annals of exhaustless time. I’m taken with the gods, the Gods, the saints, the scriptures, the different schools of thought – everything! 
Over the past many months I have been projecting this peculiar interest onto paper fastidiously, in the hopes that I might create not only an engaging story, but also a fantasy that introduces the common reader to Vedic cosmology. I am aware that, by this point, I’ve earned a few cringing expressions, lost many readers, and probably even gotten myself blocked from a few accounts on facebook, but I think I’ve managed to remove myself – however partially – from that all-afflicting, miasmic pit of the human psyche where every action and thought is shaped by fear of society. I still fall into it sometimes, despite having a strong philosophical nurturing, but in this matter, I’ve decided not to become embarrassed at all. 
After all, what shame is there in admitting your love for your religion?

“The Underworld King” is a reflection of this sentiment, albeit a very lengthy one, and an attempt to entice people towards the strangely satisfying culture of the Vedas. In other words, it is a Fantasy novel based on Hindu “mythology” and it is available for purchase on Amazon for $2.99.

 If you’re interested, please check it out, and leave glowing, 5 star reviews. 
;)Thank you very much.

Amazon (for those who own kindles. You can download the ‘Kindle for PC’ app, which is around 22mb in size and absolutely free!, and read the ebook on that. I recommend this personally, because it makes for a great reading experience)

Have a good day. :)

Ranjit More.


  1. hello ranjit. i would like to download your book for android. is this possible? the pdf link no longer works. kind regards.

    1. Hey, you can download the free 'kindle for Android App' and read the book on it.

      Sorry for such a late reply.